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Elevated French-Vietnamese brunch in the heart of Orange County.

Nếp Café is a coffee & brunch experience paying homage to the traditional Vietnamese morning routine. Nếp is elevating that experience and bringing it to you in the heart of Little Saigon, Orange County with artisanal coffee, craft drinks, and a full range food menu to satisfy guests' breakfast & brunch needs.

Banh Mi Chao at Nep Cafe
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Egg Coffee at Nep Cafe

The Original Egg Coffee

We want to make it easy for you to get our Egg Coffee and "skip the line" every morning. Make your order in advance and we will have it ready for pick up!






Monday - Sunday:

9am - 3pm

11/24: CLOSED

11/25: 9am - 3pm

12/16: CLOSED

12/24: 9am - 3pm

12/25: 9am - 3pm

12/31: 9am - 3pm

    1/1: 9am - 3pm

Your Best Bad Habit

Nếp Café is an experiential French-Vietnamese coffee & brunch restaurant paying homage to the traditional Vietnamese morning routine.

“Nep Cafe was one of my favorite meals on my recent trip to socal...Definitely stop at Nep Cafe if you have time to wait and if you're in the area! I wish we had something like it in the Bay.”
“I absolutely love Nếp Cafe! It's the perfect brunch spot when you want to treat yourself out...Service is great! They're very attentive.”
“Nep is always super busy and for good reason. The food is delicious! It's a wide range menu of Vietnamese inspired breakfast dishes with a modern twist.”

Andy Nguyen

A tray of drinks of Nep Cafe